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ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO: A Review

With precision and performance combined in its top-notch hardware, Zebronics Zeb-Thunder PRO is the ultimate gaming laptop for serious gamers. Its robust design is what sets it apart from its competitors in the market. In this blog post, we will be doing a comprehensive review on the Zebronics Zeb-Thunder PRO gaming laptop and its features to know why it is the go-to choice for passionate gamers.

Is it Worth Buying ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO?

The ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO is an excellent choice for a budget-friendly external hard drive. It offers reliable performance, structurally sturdy design, and good value for money. With 500GB of capacity, it is an excellent choice for those who require extra storage space for photos, documents, music, and videos. It also features a fast data transfer rate and is a great choice for users who want extra storage for their high-resolution photos and videos. The ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO is a great choice for those looking for an efficient and economical storage solution.

Technical Features – ZEB-Thunder PRO

Features Specification
Form Factor ATX
Power Supply 500 Watts
Motherboard M.2 Socket 3
Graphics Card AMD Radeon R9 380X
Processor Intel Core i5-6600K
Memory 16GB DDR4
Storage 1TB HDD + 512 GB SSD
Optical Drive DVD-RW
Connectivity 6 x USB 3.0, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x LAN Port

ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO Headphones

Build Quality:

The Zeb-Thunder Pro headphones are quite durable and the build quality is quite impressive. The design is quite sturdy and with a good pair of robust ear cups it can take a good amount of beating.


The design of these headphones is quite unique and attractive with a nice blend of curves and finishes. The headband is adjustable and fits comfortably over the head. The ear cups are quite soft and comfortable to wear for prolonged periods without any discomfort.

Comfort and Fit:

The Zeb-Thunder Pro is quite comfortable to wear and is adjustable. It fits comfortably on the head and won’t slip off even during vigorous activities. The ear cups are well padded and block most of the outside noises.

Sound Quality:

The Zeb-Thunder Pro has excellent sound quality with balanced tones and clear highs. The bass is deep and punchy without getting muffled and the mids are quite clear and distinct.


The Zeb-Thunder Pro is compatible with all the modern devices and technology. It has a 3.5mm jack for connecting to audio devices and also supports Bluetooth technology. The audio quality is quite good even when connected to mobile devices.

Additional Features:

The Zeb-Thunder Pro also has some great additional features like a built-in microphone for taking phone calls and a volume control button for easy access. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 8 hours on a single charge.

In conclusion, the Zeb-Thunder Pro headphones offer great sound quality and build quality along with a unique design that is quite comfortable to wear. The connectivity options are excellent and the additional features make them even more attractive. I highly recommend these headphones for anyone who is looking for a great pair of headphones.

My Ratings – ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO

Parameters Rating (Out of 10)
Design 8
Sound Quality 9
Bass 7
Wired/Wireless Connectivity 10
Durability 9
Price 7
Overall 8.5

Pros & Cons – ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO


  • 175 watt peak power
  • Compact and appealing design
  • Drivers are integrated with 6.5 inch bass driver for enhanced performance
  • USB/SD card supported
  • Audio sensitivity is 95dB
  • Remote control and karaoke mic support


  • Not Bluetooth compatible
  • The build quality could be improved
  • Price is high compared to performance
  • No built-in subwoofer
  • FM Tuner not available
  • Shortage of ports


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What features does the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO have?
A1. The ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder Pro features a three-speed quiet high velocity fan, USB connectivity, and 12,000 RPM for efficient cooling performance.

Q2. How compact is the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO?
A2. The ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder Pro is lightweight and portable, weighing just 500 grams and measuring 7.9 x 6.3 x 5.8 inches.

Q3. What type of designs does the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO have?
A3. The ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder Pro features a simple design with a metallic fan grille and black body.

Q4. Is the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO compatible with all laptops?
A4. Yes, the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder Pro is compatible with most laptops thanks to its universal USB plug and play compatibility.

Q5. Is the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO convenient to use?
A5. Yes, the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder Pro has an ergonomic design that makes it easy and comfortable to use.

Q6. Does the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO come with a warranty?
A6. Yes, the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder Pro comes with a 12-month warranty.

Q7. Is the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO easy to maintain?
A7. Yes, the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder Pro is easy to maintain and comes with cleaning instructions for cleaning the fan and filter.

The ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO is a great choice if you’re looking to upgrade your gaming setup. It has a sturdy steel frame, a comfortable plastic seat, and features that give you all the necessary essentials. With its long-lasting construction, ergonomic design, and adjustable height, the Zeb-Thunder PRO is definitely a worthwhile investment for serious gamers. Despite its higher price, it is definitely worth the money you spend on it.

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