sony mdr zx110ap review

Sony MDR-ZX110AP Review – An Unplanned Sensation!

Are you looking for a good set of headphones for an affordable price? Look no further; the Sony MDR-ZX110AP is here to save the day! This headphone set brings quality audio with a stylish design at a fraction of the cost of more premium models. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Sony MDR-ZX110AP, from comfort to audio quality and more. So, if you’re looking for an affordable pair of headphones that won’t disappoint, read on for our full review of the Sony MDR-ZX110AP!

Is it Worth Buying Sony MDR-ZX110AP?

The Sony MDR-ZX110AP is a budget-friendly headset that offers good overall sound quality, a comfortable fit, and a tangle-free design. It’s especially good for listening to music and podcasts on the go. For those on a budget, it’s worth considering.

Technical Features – Sony MDR-ZX110AP

Feature Technical Specifications
Driver Unit 30mm, Dynamic
Frequency Response 12 Hz–22 kHz
Impedance 24 Ohms (1kHz)
Sensitivity 105dB/mW
Plug L Shaped Stereo mini Plug
Cord Length 1.2 m (Y type)
Weight Approx. 120 g (Without Cord)

Sony MDR-ZX110AP Review

Build Quality

I was quite impressed with the build quality of the Sony MDR-ZX110AP. It’s made of a lightweight but durable plastic material and its hinges are strong and well-constructed, so it should hold up to everyday wear and tear.


The Sony MDR-ZX110AP has a very stylish and minimalist design. It’s relatively sleek and modern looking, and I like that the headband is adjustable.

Comfort and Fit

The Sony MDR-ZX110AP is incredibly comfortable to wear. The padding on the earcups is thick and soft and it doesn’t put too much pressure on my ears. The adjustable headband also makes for a great fit.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Sony MDR-ZX110AP is great for the price. The sound is crisp and clear, with excellent bass and treble response.


The Sony MDR-ZX110AP has a 3.5mm audio jack so it’s compatible with almost any device. It also comes with an in-line microphone and an L-shape connector for easy plugging and unplugging.

Additional Features

The Sony MDR-ZX110AP has a few nice features that make it stand out. It has an in-line controller for convenient music and volume control, and a foldable design for easy storage. I also like that it comes with a carrying case.

My Ratings – Sony MDR-ZX110AP

Parameter Rating (out of 10)
Sound Quality 9/10
Design 7/10
Comfort 9/10
Build Quality 8/10
Battery Life 8/10
Noise Cancelling 6/10

Pros & Cons – Sony MDR-ZX110AP


  • Lightweight and well-built design
  • Good sound clarity with powerful bass
  • In-line microphone with remote for hands-free calls
  • Relaxed listening experience and clear audio
  • Affordable price tag


  • Lacks noise-cancellation feature
  • In-ear tips do not fit some ears properly
  • The sound quality is flattened at higher volumes

Sony MDR-ZX110AP


Q1. Does the Sony MDR-ZX110AP have a noise-canceling feature?
A1. Yes, the Sony MDR-ZX110AP has a noise-canceling feature.

Q2. Does the Sony MDR-ZX110AP use Bluetooth?
A2. No, the Sony MDR-ZX110AP does not use Bluetooth.

Q3. How much does the Sony MDR-ZX110AP weigh?
A3. The Sony MDR-ZX110AP weighs 6.2 ounces.

Q4. Is the Sony MDR-ZX110AP water-resistant?
A4. No, the Sony MDR-ZX110AP is not water-resistant.

Q5. What type of connectors does the Sony MDR-ZX110AP have?
A5. The Sony MDR-ZX110AP has gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini plug connectors.

Q6. How long is the cable included with the Sony MDR-ZX110AP?
A6. The cable included with the Sony MDR-ZX110AP is 4.2 feet (1.3m) long.

Q7. Does the Sony MDR-ZX110AP include any carrying case?
A7. No, the Sony MDR-ZX110AP does not include any carrying case.

All in all, the Sony MDR-ZX110AP is a great pair of headphones that offers excellent sound quality and value for money. With its stylish design, comfortable ear cups and solid build quality, these are a great choice for those looking for a pair of headphones to take on the go. If you’re looking for a quality pair of headphones with great sound and price, the Sony MDR-ZX110AP is a great option.

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