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Sony MDR-ZX110A Headphone Review

Are you in the market for a decent pair of headphones for a budget price? Sony’s MDR-ZX110A headphones might just be the answer to your search. This Sony MDR-ZX110A Review delves into the features the headphones have to offer and how they compare to other headphone models in the same range. So if you’re looking for a quality headphone without breaking the bank, read on to find out if the Sony MDR-ZX110A is the perfect fit for you.

Is it Worth Buying Sony MDR-ZX110A?

The Sony MDR-ZX110A offers an experience for an affordable price. It offers good sound quality, with deep bass and clear highs, and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. While it may not have the features of more expensive models, it is a good choice for those looking for a simple and affordable pair of headphones.

Technical Features – Sony MDR-ZX110A

Feature Description
Driver Unit 30mm
Magnet Neodymium
Sensitivity 98dB/mW
Frequency Response 12Hz-22,000Hz
Impedance 24 ohms
Cord Length 1.2m
Connector L-shaped Stereo Mini
Weight Approx. 120 g

Sony MDR-ZX110A Review

Build Quality

The Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones offer a sturdy build quality. The headband is made of strong plastics with cushiony earpads that fit comfortably on your head. The materials used in the construction are of very good quality giving the headphones an elegant and premium feel.


The headphones feature a minimalistic yet stylish design that looks pleasant to the eyes. The slim foldable design makes them compact and convenient for storage. The tangle-free cord further enhances the convenience for portability.

Comfort and Fit

The Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones offer excellent comfort and fit. The earpads are well-padded and the adjustable headband fits well on your head allowing for long hours of usage without experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones is really good. It reproduces clear and crisp sound without any distortion. The bass is punchy and the overall sound output is balanced.


The Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones come with a 3.5mm audio jack allowing for easy connectivity with various devices like smartphones, laptops, etc.

Additional Features

The Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones come with a few additional features that makes them stand out in the market. The integrated in-line remote and mic allows for easy control of music playback as well as answer/end calls without having to touch the device. The noise cancelling feature makes them ideal for use in noisy places like airports as it blocks out unwanted outside noise.

All in all, the Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones offer great value for money. They have a stylish design and offer great sound quality. They are comfortable to wear for long hours and the additional features like integrated in-line remote and mic and noise cancelling make them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a good pair of headphones.

My Ratings – Sony MDR-ZX110A

Parameter Rating (out of 10)
Design 7
Build Quality 6
Sound Quality 7
Bass 8
Noise Isolation 8
Comfort 9
Value for Money 8

Pros & Cons – Sony MDR-ZX110A


  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight
  • Good sound quality
  • Affordable price


  • Ear pads become uncomfortable after long use
  • Limited frequency response range
  • Limited sound isolation
  • No extra bass or treble controls

Sony MDR-ZX110A FAQs

Questions & Answers

Q: What type of headphones are the Sony MDR-ZX110A?
A: The Sony MDR-ZX110A are on-ear headphones.

Q: Do the Sony MDR-ZX110A have a built-in microphone?
A: No, the Sony MDR-ZX110A do not have a built-in microphone.

Q: What connection does the Sony MDR-ZX110A have?
A: The Sony MDR-ZX110A has a 3.5mm audio jack.

Q: Is the cord of the Sony MDR-ZX110A detachable?
A: No, the Sony MDR-ZX110A has a non detachable cord.

Q: How heavy are the Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones?
A: The Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones are approximately 130 grams.

Q: How long is the cord of the Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones?
A: The cord of the Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones is 47.24 inches in length.

Q: Are the Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones wireless?
A: No, the Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones are not wireless.


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