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Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 Review: A Comprehensive Look

Are you looking for a premium sound experience for a budget? Look no further than the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00. This powerful speaker system is designed to deliver superior sound quality with enhanced bass output, making it the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys listening to music, watching movies, or playing video games. In this Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 review, we will take a closer look at the features and performance of this impressive audio system.

Is it Worth buying Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00?

The Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 is a great all-in-one sound bar with powerful, clear sound, built-in Bluetooth, and easy setup. It’s a great buy for people looking for an immersive audio experience on a budget.

Technical Features – Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00

Feature Description
Type 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System with Subwoofer
Power Output Front: 60W
Subwoofer: 70W
Sound System 2.1
Frequency Range 50Hz – 20kHz
Signal/Noise >65dB
Bluetooth Version 4.2, Class 2
Firmware Update via micro USB
Inputs/Outputs USB, 3.5mm AUX, Bluetooth, RCA

Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 – A Comprehensive Review

Build Quality

I was quite impressed with the build quality of the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00. The material used was of very high quality and felt robust. The design was also sleek and modern. Additionally, the product was very lightweight, making it easily portable.


The design of the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 was very modern and stylish. It featured a matte black finish with a curved edge, which gave the product a sleek and tasteful look. Additionally, the product had a good design with all the required ports in the right places.

Comfort and Fit

The Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 was very comfortable and had a good fit. The ear cups were plush and felt luxurious on the ears. They did a great job of blocking out external noise and fit snugly on the head without any discomfort.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 was exceptional. The sound was crystal clear, with a good balance of bass and treble. The mids were also very crisp with no distortion. Additionally, the product had very good noise cancellation, making it great for listening to music even in noisy environments.


The Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 had great connectivity options. It had an inbuilt Bluetooth and NFC, making it easy to pair with any device. Additionally, it had a 3.5mm audio jack and an auxiliary cable for connecting to other devices.

Additional Features

The Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 had several additional features that made it great. It had an inbuilt microphone for making phone calls without having to remove the headphones. Additionally, it had a low-latency mode for playing games and watching movies, and it also had an inbuilt voice assistant. This made it great for day-to-day usage.

My Ratings – Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00

Parameters Rating (Out of 10)
Sound Quality 7.5
Bass 8
Design 7
Durability 9
Value for Money 8.5

Pros & Cons – Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00


  • It has a great sound quality
  • It comes with a built-in FM radio
  • It is compatible with several devices which makes it easy for usage
  • This model has three speakers making it great for a group listening experience
  • The speakers have a deep bass and a loud sound


  • It has a bulky design
  • The speakers don’t provide enough clarity for some higher notes
  • It is expensive compared to other similar models
  • It has limited Bluetooth and USB connection options

Frequently Asked Questions About The Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00


Q1: What is the wattage of the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00?
A1: This product has a wattage of 10W RMS.

Q2: What type of technology is featured in the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00?
A2: This product features Bluetooth 4.2 technology.

Q3: Is there any bass boost feature available with the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00?
A3: Yes, the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 has a built-in bass boost feature.

Q4: Is the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 compatible with Windows and Mac OS?
A4: Yes, this product is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

Q5: Can I control the volume of the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 remotely?
A5: Yes, the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 has remote volume control capabilities.

Q6: Does the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 support NFC connectivity?
A6: Yes, this product is NFC enabled and supports NFC connectivity.

Q7: How many audio inputs are there in the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00?
A7: The Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 has one audio input.

All in all, a purchase of the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 would be a great choice for anyone wanting to upgrade their home audio setup. Its sleek design and sound quality, combined with its quick and easy setup, make this product worth every penny you spend. What’s more, the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 comes with a wide range of features to ensure maximum sound and audio quality for all kinds of music, podcasts, and films. Whether you’re looking for a new soundbar to improve your TV watching experience or just looking to upgrade your audio setup, the Philips Audio TAH4205XTBK/00 should definitely be on your shopping list.

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