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Oppo Enco Buds 2 vs Boat Airdopes 141

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of earphones for a superior listening experience, then look no further. It’s time to compare the Oppo Enco Buds 2 vs Boat Airdopes 141! Both of these earphone sets offer great sound quality and noise-canceling capabilities, so let’s dive right in to understand the differences between these two headphones.

Oppo Enco Buds 2 vs Boat Airdopes 141

Answer: Which one to buy would depend on personal preference and budget. The Oppo Enco Buds 2 offer good sound quality, great battery life and good noise cancellation, while the Boat Airdopes 141 offer good sound quality and better ease of use.

Comparison Table

Feature Opp Enco Buds 2 Boat Airdopes 141
Price 3099 1799
Connectivity Wireless Wireless
Battery Life 7 hours 4 hours
IPX Rating IP54 IPX4
Noise Cancellation Yes No

Overview of Oppo Enco Buds 2

The Oppo Enco Buds 2 earphones are the newest addition to the Oppo audio lineup, offering an impressive sound experience at an affordable price. Equipped with noise cancellation technology, the Enco Buds 2 helps to eliminate external sound distractions while providing a superior audio experience. The earphones come with a 3-button remote that lets users control volume, pause and play music, and take and end calls. The Enco Buds 2 also feature a durable, compact design with an IPX4 water-resistance rating, allowing them to withstand rain, sweat, and other moisture. With a lightweight design and comfortable fit, the Enco Buds 2 stay put while listening to music or taking calls. The earphones offer up to 22 hours of battery life and can be easily charged with a Type-C charging cable. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the Oppo Enco Buds 2 are a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable audio experience.

Overview of Boat Airdopes 141

The Boat Airdopes 141 is a stylish and powerful pair of wireless earbuds designed to provide users with an immersive audio experience. This model is equipped with various features such as Bluetooth 5.0, IPX5 water-resistant rating, up to 8 hours of battery life, and 10mm dynamic drivers. With a sleek and lightweight design, the Airdopes 141 offers an ergonomic and comfortable fit for any user. These earbuds have an intuitive user interface complete with multifunctional buttons for easy operation. With its smooth audio profile and precise soundstage, the Boat Airdopes 141 delivers quality audio with rich bass and clear treble. Additionally, the earbuds come with a charging box for quick and easy charging. Loaded with features, the Boat Airdopes 141 is an ideal choice for any music or multimedia enthusiast.

Sound Quality Comparison

The sound quality of Oppo Enco Buds 2 and the Boat Airdopes 141 are compared in this article.

The Oppo Enco Buds 2 have an 11mm dynamic driver with an impedance of 32Ω, and the sound output is of a very high quality. The bass is tight and the clarity of the audio is great. It has a maximum sound pressure level of 121+2dB which makes it capable of producing an extended range of sound with no distortion. Moreover, the Enco Buds 2 have dual-channel transmission which ensures a steady connection.

The Boat Airdopes 141 has a 10mm driver with an impedance of 32Ω too. It also has a sound pressure level of 108+3dB which gives it a good sound pressure level too. The bass is punchy and the sound clarity is quite good. It also has a strong connection with dual-channel transmission and has aptX technology for audio transmission.

Overall, both the Oppo Enco Buds 2 and the Boat Airdopes 141 have good sound quality and offer clear audio with a good range. However, the Oppo Enco Buds 2 have slightly better audio quality and sound pressure level than the Boat Airdopes 141.”

Comparing Comfort and Fit

When comparing the comfort and fit of the Oppo Enco Buds 2 and the Boat Airdopes 141, both offer something slightly different. The Enco Buds 2 provide a snug fit that is designed to stay firmly in place. They have an ergonomic design that comes with eartips in three sizes. The Airdopes 141 on the other hand, have an in-ear design with silicone ear tips that lock in place and are comfortable to wear. They come with two ear tip sizes and four earbud sizes, so you can find the perfect fit. The Airdopes 141 also come with magnetic backing so you can keep them secure when not in use. Both models offer a comfortable fit so it really comes down to personal preference which one to choose.

Connectivity Options

The OPPO Enco Buds 2 and the Boat Airdopes 141 both have wonderful connectivity options. The OPPO Enco Buds 2 offer a seamless and stable connection through Bluetooth 5.0, providing a range up to 10 meters. They also provide a quick and secure connection with its one-step pairing. The Boat Airdopes 141 have a similar 10 meter range using Bluetooth 5.0, as well as Auto-pairing that allows you to quickly connect to your device. However, the Boat Airdopes 141 also have an additional feature of being able to connect to two devices at once. This feature could be useful for flip phones or shared devices.

Battery & Charging

Comparing the battery and charging capabilities of the Oppo Enco Buds 2 and Boat Airdopes 141, the the Oppo Enco Buds 2 has the edge. It offers up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge and up to 25 hours with the charging casing. It also supports a 10W fast charging feature that enables you to charge the case in a short time. The Boat Airdopes 141, on the other hand, has a lower playtime of up to 4 hours on a single charge and up to 14 hours with the charging case. Furthermore, it does not support fast charging.


When comparing the Oppo Enco Buds 2 and the Boat Airdopes 141, durability is an important factor to consider. The Oppo Enco Buds 2 comes with IPX4-rated dust and water resistance, meaning they are protected from sweat, light rain and accidental spills.

The Boat Airdopes 141 offer a more robust build and are IPX7-rated, meaning they can withstand submersion in up to 1 meter of water. Additionally, the Airdopes 141 are also built with a hard plastic case that offers extra protection and durability.

Overall, both models offer excellent durability but the Boat Airdopes 141 are slightly more robust and reliable.

Price Comparison – oppo enco buds 2 vs boat airdopes 141

The Oppo Enco Buds 2 and BoAt Airdopes 141 have a number of features that make them worth considering. However, when it comes to price, the two models differ significantly. The Oppo Enco Buds 2 has a retail price of Rs 5,999, while the BoAt Airdopes 141 has a retail price of Rs, 2,999.

When it comes to features, the Oppo Enco Buds 2 comes with 8mm dynamic drivers, touch controls, IP55 dust and water resistance rating, and an impressive 10 hours of battery life. In comparison, the BoAt Airdopes 141 comes with 6mm drivers, touch controls, an IPX5 water resistance rating, and a 5 hour battery life.

When it comes to sound quality, the Oppo Enco Buds 2 have a more powerful sound, with clear treble and bass, while the BoAt Airdopes 141 offer a more balanced sound overall. Both models have noise cancellation features, however the Oppo Enco Buds 2 have ANC technology to reduce ambient noise, while the BoAt Airdopes 141 use CVC 8.0 technology.

In conclusion, both models are quality products with different features and a significant difference in price. If you are looking for a powerful sound experience with good battery life and ANC technology, then the Oppo Enco Buds 2 is a great choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more budget friendly option with a balanced sound and good water resistance, then the BoAt Airdopes 141 is a great choice.

User Reviews and Feedback: Oppo Enco Buds 2 vs Boat Airdopes 141

User reviews and feedback are important for determining which product is best suited for a person’s needs. Both the Oppo Enco Buds 2 and Boat Airdopes 141 have a variety of user reviews across the internet.

Common positives mentioned in user reviews include the sound quality of both products, with some users noting that the sound is clear and balanced. They have both been praised for their long battery life and relatively low price. Additionally, users have reported that the ear tips are comfortable and the products are lightweight.

Similar to the positives, some common negatives have been mentioned by users. A few users noted that both earbuds have issues regarding connectivity and audio synchronization. Additionally, many users have noted that the touch controls on both earbuds are somewhat unresponsive and finnicky. Other minor complaints include reports of latency with video, and a low maximum volume on the Oppo Enco Buds 2.

Overall, the reviews for both products have been largely positive. However, it is important to consider personal preferences such as sound quality, comfort, and battery life when making a purchase decision.

My Ratings – oppo enco buds 2 vs boat airdopes 141

Parameter oppo enco buds 2 boat airdopes 141
Design 7 8
Sound Quality 8 9
Battery Life 9 7
Connectivity 7 9
Price 7 8

All in all, the OPPO Enco Buds 2 and Boat Airdopes 141 both provide excellent audio quality, long battery lives and are comfortable to wear. The OPPO Enco Buds 2 have better ANC capabilities and cost more, while the Boat Airdopes 141 offer better battery life and are more affordable. Ultimately, the choice between the two truly depends on what features you seek in a pair of true wireless earbuds.









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