Namecheap Stellar vs Stellar Plus

In this blog post, I would be comparing starter shared hosting plans by Namecheap. i.e Namecheap Stellar vs Stellar Plus. As I have said earlier too, I use Namecheap's shared hosting for most of my beginner sites.

However, people do get confused about which plan to subscribe to. This post will help you compare the two most basic plans that they offer.

Let's begin!

Namecheap Stellar vs Stellar Plus Shared Hosting Plans

Summary – Which Plan to Buy?

If you are short on time, this section will help you make your purchase decision.

The main difference between Namecheap's Stellar and Stellar Plus plan is the amount of disk space, CPU & RAM Limit, and amount of domains you can host.

The stellar plan lacks in all the major parameters listed above.

My honest recommendation for any serious blogger would be to opt for the Stellar Plus plan (Get the latest offers by – Clicking Here).

However, if you are completely new and want to test if blogging works for you; You may choose to opt for the cheaper Stellar plan. However, my strong recommendation would be to upgrade the plan once your blog starts to take off.

Find out why – In the sections below…

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Namecheap Stellar vs Stellar Plus – Details

Let me start this comparison straight with a lot of data.

To make this simpler, I have complied the difference of Namecheap's Stellar vs Stellar Plus plans in a tabular format below.

This will give you a quick idea about how superior the Stellar Plus plan is compared to Stellar. The price difference between the two plans is negligible and hence it is a no-brainer to opt for the better plan.

Namecheap Stellar vs Stellar Plus
ParametersStellarStellar Plus
Disk Space20 GB SSDUnmetered SSD
Hosted Domains3Unlimited
Email Accounts30Unlimited
Email Limit50 per hour200 per hour
Mailing Lists10Unlimited
BoxTrapper Spam ProtectionNoYes
CPU Limit (%)2040
CPU Limit (%) - Burst100200
Max EntryProc Limit2030
Physical Memory (GB)12
MySQL Databases50Unlimited
FTP User50Unlimited
Image ManagerNoYes
BackupsTwice a week (No Guarantee)Twice a Week + Autobackup
PricingLow High
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Differences – Stellar vs Stellar Plus

Now, let me walk you through the differences in detail:

1. Disk Space

Namecheap's Stellar hosting offers you a limited hosting space of 20 GB (SSD). This space is quite sufficient if you plan to launch a blog.

However, Stellar Plus offers you unlimited SSD space (subject to fair usage – Read the complete policy by Clicking Here)

If you planning on launching 2/3 smaller sites going forward, it would be better to have more space since high-resolution images take up a lot of disk space.

You can read more about SSD – Here.

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2. Number of Domains & Sub Domains Supported

The basic Stellar plan supports the hosting of 3 domains and 30 subdomains. Again, I am not saying that these limits are not ok.

However, when you are starting off, you may like to experiment with few niches before zeroing on one to expand upon.

These two parameters aren't as critical as some of the more technical differences that we will discuss below.

3. Email Limits

The stellar plan offers to host only 30 emails and has a very stringent 50 emails per hour limit. In addition to this, you can only maintain 10 mailing lists with this plan.

If you are planning to use your blog to promote affiliate offers, then quickly building up an email list is one of the most important strategies that will help your blog succeed.

These limits made me choose Stellar Plus over Stellar shared hosting plan.

Stellar Plus offers unlimited email accounts, with a 200 emails per hour limit (4x of Stellar) with unlimited mailing lists.

Stellar Plus also offers BoxTrapper Spam Protection service, which is not available with the basic plan.

4. CPU Limits

Again, a very important factor while comparing Stellar vs Stellar Plus plans.

The base plan only offers a CPU limit of 20% while Stellar Plus offers 40%.

The burst limit (i.e. – If you experience a spike in traffic momentarily – Namecheap will allow your account to hit these limits) is 100% with Stellar and 200% with Stellar plus.

This means you get twice the CPU resource for a very minor monthly price difference.

5. Max Entry Processes

The Stellar plan has a limit of 20 Max EntryProcs, while the Stellar plus plan has a 50% higher limit of 40.

Entry processes are triggered when an external user requests for a PHP or a CGI file from your web server. In a way, an entry process will be triggered every time someone visits your website.

You can still host thousands of users on your Stellar hosting plan. However, the Stellar plus will be able to support 50% higher users at the same specifications.

6. Physical Memory (RAM)

The stellar plan has a limit of 1 GB RAM usage while with Stellar Plus you can use up to 2 GB RAM.

Here again, the Stellar Plus plan offers you double the value of a critical resource required to run your web server effectively.

7. MySQL Databases & FTP Users

Not a very critical factor for most users. However, I thought it would be best if I mention all the major differences between these two plans.

The basic plan has a limit of 50 MySQL databases and FTP Users respectively. While in the Stellar plus plan you can have unlimited (Subject to fair usage policy of Namecheap)

Most customers would not need even 50 Databases or FTP Users, so I don't think these parameters hold a lot of importance while comparing the plans.

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8. Backups

The basic Stellar plan offers a “Non-Guaranteed” twice-a-week backup. So in case, you mess up your website/blog, you can ask customer support to restore your site to the last internal backup that they have.

However, with the Stellar Plus plan, you can schedule your own auto backups from the cPanel (These are in addition to the twice a week internal backup that Namecheap does anyways.)

You can also use 3rd party plugins like UpdraftPlus to manage backups of your website.

Concluding Words

The difference between the two plans is hardly a dollar. However, the extra resources that you get with Stellar Plus are worth many folds.

If you are not crunched on cash – I would simply recommend you to opt for the Stellar Plus plan. This way you will not have to worry about your hosting but just focus on growing your business.

I hope this comparison post helped you make the right decision. Do let me know your feedback in the comments below.

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