Namecheap Stellar Plus vs Stellar Business

In this blog post, I would dig into the difference between Namecheap Stellar Plus vs Stellar Business. I would also try and recommend the right plan based on your needs.

I have been using Namecheap for over 5 years now. In fact, at the time of writing this post, brainAcle is hosted with them. I have absolutely no complaints with them and recommend their hosting plans for all beginner bloggers.

This post aims to answer all the questions pertaining to these two most popular shared hosting plans offered by Namecheap.

Namecheap Stellar Plus vs Stellar Business

Summary – Which Plan to Buy?


So let me get right to the point.

The main difference between Namecheap Stellar Plus vs Stellar Business plans is the number of CPU Resources, Disk Space, email limits, and Inodes that these plans offer.

There are 11 differences in all. These will be covered below.

There are other minor differences too, these will be covered in detail in the sections to follow.

If you are a blogger, then I would recommend opting for Stellar Plus (Use This Link for special promos). This plan offers the most value amongst the three shared hosting plans that Namecheap offers at present. (Reasoning provided in the sections to follow)

However, if you are an established business and reliability, performance & PCI compliance are important to you. You also have a resource-heavy website, it would be better for you to opt for the Stellar Business plan.

Also, if you have a larger email subscriber base or you will be sending out a lot of emails as a business, make sure you opt for the Stellar Business plan. More details about individual limits are covered below.

I would also recommend Stellar Business Plan if you are planning to launch a small eCommerce store (Using WooCommerce / Magento etc)

Do not forget to use the link above to check for the latest promos that Namecheap offers.

Namecheap Stellar Plus vs Stellar Business – Details

I guess, by now, you should have a fairly good idea about the plan that you would need.

However, let us get into the technical differences between Stellar Plus and Stellar Business plans.

Namecheap Stellar Plus vs Stellar Business
ParametersStellar PlusStellar Business
Disk SpaceUnmetered (SSD)50 GB (SSD)
Number of Inodes300,000600,000
CPU Limit (%)4060
CPU Limit (%) - Burst200400
Max EntryProc Limit3040
Physical Memory (GB)68
Cloud StorageAt EU DatacenterAt EU & US Datacenters
Personal NameserversNoYes
xCacheNo Yes
Email Limits200 per hour10K per hour
PricingLow High
Latest OfferClick HereClick Here

Differences – Stellar Plus vs Business

The differences between the two plans are clearly laid out in the table that I made above.

However, for the benefit of beginners/technically challenged audiences, I will elaborate on each one of them below:

1. Disk Space

This one is fairly simple to understand. This is also the only parameter where Namecheap's Stellar Plus plan is better compared to Business.

Stellar Plus Plan offers unmetered SSD (Subject to fair usage policy). While the Business plan offers 50 GB.

The older Business plan offered only 20 GB of space but thankfully Namecheap increased it to 50 GB. Which I believe is enough for a small business.

You can go through Namecheap fair usage policy – Here

2. Number of Inodes

Inodes is the count of files, folders & emails that you can store (or your CMS generates) on your server. You can get a better understanding of inodes here.

The higher the limit, the more files you can store. Generally, businesses have multiple employees with email IDs.

Stellar Business has a higher inode limit of 600,000 (Double of what Stellar Plus offers).

Hence, I recommend small businesses opt for the Business plan. While individual bloggers can easily support 2/3 blogs on the Stellar Plus account.

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3. CPU Limit (%)

This parameter simply denotes the amount of CPU your sites hosted with Namecheap can use.

Stellar Plus has a limit of 40% while Stellar Business has a higher limit of 60%. This indirectly lets you know that in the Stellar Business plan you share your server space with fewer accounts as compared to Stellar Plus.

However, do not worry if your server hits this limit once. You will be only asked to upgrade if you consistently hit this limit on a daily basis.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

4. CPU Burst Limit (%)

As I said above, your account will not be impacted if you hit your CPU limits only once in a while.

Namecheap actually allows you to overshoot this limit substantially to finish any one-time task that you might be carrying out on your server.

This is called the CPU burst limit. It is set to 200% in Stellar Plus. While you get an amazing 400% burst limit on Stellar Business.

5. Max EntryPOC Limit

Further to our comparison of Namecheap's Stellar Plus vs Stellar Business plans, let us look at the Max Entry Process limits.

This parameter defines the max number of processes that can enter your account at a given ‘fraction' of a second.

Please do not confuse this with the max number of visitors that your blog can handle.

The entry process normally is executed extremely fast. So it is very unlikely that 30 or 40 visitors will hit your server at the exact microsecond. This will only happen if you have an extremely high number of concurrent users on your website.

Stellar Plus supports 30 Max Entry Processes. While Stellar Business can handle 40.

This means that Ideally, the same site (with exact same configuration) hosted on Stellar Business should be able to handle 30% higher visitors.

However, if you have optimized your blogs correctly, you should be able to handle even 10K visits a day on Stellar Plus (I personally have accounts where I hit 10K+ visits on a regular basis without any issues)

6. Physical Memory

This parameter is nothing but the amount of RAM allocated to your account. Stellar Plus offers 6 GB RAM while Stellar Business offers 8 GB of RAM.

7. Cloud Storage

Think of this parameter as a backup drive on the cloud. This functionality by Namecheap saves you from downtime by having your data on the cloud in addition to the physical server.

Namecheap Stellar Plus offers this functionality only on the EU Datacenter (You need to pay extra EU Datacenter)

While the Stellar Business plan offers this functionality at both US (Standard Rates) and EU (Higher Rates)

Refer to the image below to know how to select the server location while buying a Namecheap Shared hosting plan.

Select Server Location While Buying Namecheap Shared Hosting Plan

8. Personal Nameservers

Namecheap's Stellar Business plan gives you an option to use your personal Nameservers instead of default ones. (Stellar Plus does not have this functionality)

I feel this is just a feel-good factor and may be important only to businesses that offer SEO or Website building services.

9. eAccelerator & xCache

These are technologies that help cache PHP in a compiled state. This increases the performance of your server and helps load up your websites faster.

However, I have sites that load up in under 1 sec hosted on the Stellar and Stellar Plus plans of Namecheap.

Below is the performance of one such website from GTmetrix.

GTmetrix Speed Test of Website hosted on Namecheap Stellar Plus Hosting

10. Email Sending Limits

One major difference between these two plans is the limit of emails that you can send per hour.

I know a lot of blogger/affiliate marketers who rely heavily on email lists to generate regular revenue streams for themselves.

It will be very easy for them to hit Stellar Plus's limit of sending only 200 emails for an hour.

For these bloggers, the Stellar Business plan is a must-buy. This plan offers an amazing 10,000 emails per hour limit.

You can read about Namecheap's email policy by Clicking Here.

11. Pricing

It may not look much but there is a substantial difference in the pricing of these two plans. You might get a discount while buying but you will have to pay the full amount on renewal.

So unless you are making good money from your websites already, I would recommend you to opt for Stellar Plus.

This plan offers the most bang for your buck.


This concludes my comparison of Namecheap's Stellar Plus vs Stellar Business shared hosting plans.

As shared above, websites hosted on Stellar Plus load really fast. I have faced no issues with any major downtime with any of their plans so far.

The customer support is top-notch and I get responses to all my queries within minutes,

So unless your business really needs the extra features that Namecheap's Stellar Business plan offer, I would recommend saving money and opting for Stellar Plus.

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