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boAt Rockerz 245v2: An In-depth Review

If you are looking for a good pair of wireless headphones, then you should check out the boAt Rockerz 245v2. This latest model from boAt offers great sound quality, stylish design, and long battery life, making it an excellent choice for listening to music on the go. In this boAt Rockerz 245v2 review, we will be discussing its features, pros, and cons to help you decide if it is the right choice for your needs.

Is boAt Rockerz 245v2 Worth Buying?

The boAt Rockerz 245v2 is one of the most popular headphones on the market due to its excellent sound quality and comfortable fit. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and an impressive 30 hours battery life, making it perfect for long listening sessions. The headphones also have a number of features such as Active Noise Cancellation, Voice Assistance, and more. With an affordable price tag, the boAt Rockerz 245v2 is certainly worth buying.

Technical Features – boAt Rockerz 245v2

Feature Description
Bluetooth version v5.0
Weight 150g
Driver size 40mm
Battery Life 8 hours
Controls Multi-functional in-built controls
Frequency range 20Hz-20KHz

The boAt Rockerz 245v2 Review: An Overview

The boAt Rockerz 245v2 is a great pair of wireless earphones that have been garnering a lot of attention lately. In this review, I will be covering the 6 main parameters of this product: Build Quality, Design, Comfort and Fit, Sound Quality, Connectivity, and Additional Features.

Build Quality:

The build quality of the boAt Rockerz 245v2 is quite impressive. The earphones feel sturdy and have been designed to last for a long time. The material used is also of top-notch quality, making the earphones durable and long-lasting.


The design of the boAt Rockerz 245v2 is quite attractive and stylish. The earphones come in a sleek and modern design that looks great in any setting. The earbuds are also well-balanced in terms of weight, providing a comfortable wearing experience.

Comfort and Fit:

The boAt Rockerz 245v2 provides a great fit and is extremely comfortable to wear. The earbuds fit snugly in the ear and are very lightweight, so they don’t cause any discomfort during prolonged use.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of the boAt Rockerz 245v2 is excellent. The earphones deliver clear and crisp sound that is perfect for listening to music and podcasts. The bass is also well-balanced and provides a punchy sound with every beat.


The boAt Rockerz 245v2 provides a smooth and reliable connection. It easily connects to any device via Bluetooth and I had no trouble connecting it to my device.

Additional Features:

The boAt Rockerz 245v2 comes with a few additional features that make it a great buy. It has a long-lasting battery life and also comes with a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. The earphones also come with a carrying case for easy portability.

Overall, I had a great experience with the boAt Rockerz 245v2. It is a great

My Ratings – boAt Rockerz 245v2

Parameter Rating
Battery Life 9/10
Bluetooth Range 8/10
Sound Quality 10/10
Build Quality 8/10
Comfort 9/10

Pros & Cons – boAt Rockerz 245v2


  • Attractive and stylish design
  • Adequate sound quality with deep bass
  • Soft and comfortable cushioning
  • Foldable earcups
  • Attractive, price-tag


  • Slightly long charging time
  • Sound leakage at high volume levels
  • No active noise cancellation
  • Not suitable for gaming

boAt Rockerz 245v2


1. What is the battery life of boAt Rockerz 245v2?
Answer: The boAt Rockerz 245v2 has a battery life of up to 12 hours.

2. Does boAt Rockerz 245v2 support Bluetooth?
Answer: Yes, boAt Rockerz 245v2 is compatible with all Bluetooth devices.

3. What type of audio technology is used in boAt Rockerz 245v2?
Answer: The boAt Rockerz 245v2 is equipped with state-of-the-art 10mm dynamic driver and air-flow technology.

4. Is boAt Rockerz 245v2 waterproof?
Answer: Yes, boAt Rockerz 245v2 is IPX5 rated waterproof.

5. Does the boAt Rockerz 245v2 have a mic?
Answer: Yes, the boAt Rockerz 245v2 has an in-built high-quality microphone for hands-free calling.

6. Does the boAt Rockerz 245v2 come with a warranty?
Answer: Yes, the boAt Rockerz 245v2 comes with a 1-year warranty.

7. How heavy is the boAt Rockerz 245v2?
Answer: The boAt Rockerz 245v2 weighs only 30 grams.


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