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boAt airdopes 131 vs 121v2: Which is the Better Earbud?

Are you confused between boAt airdopes 131 and airdopes 121v2? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll compare boAt airdopes 131 and airdopes 121v2 to help you decide which one is the perfect true wireless earphone for you.

Comparing boAt airdopes 131 vs airdopes 121v2

I would buy the airdopes 131 because it offers a longer battery life with a single charge of up to 15 hours compared to the airdopes 121v2 which offers 8 hours. It also offers bass-heavy sound, noise cancellation, and improved sound output.

Comparison Table

Features boAt airdopes 131 airdopes 121v2
Bluetooth Version v5.0 v5.0
Weight 3.3 g 6.0 g
Driver Size 10 mm 6 mm
Battery Life 8 hours 6 hours
Noise Cancellation No Yes

Overview of ‘boAt airdopes 131’

The boAt Airdopes 131 is a trendy in-ear wireless earphones from the boAt brand. These earphones have an ergonomic and lightweight design that makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, they offer reliable connections with low latency. They come with an IPX4 rating, making them sweat-proof and waterproof. The Airdopes 131 features 13mm drivers with deep bass. They are powered by a 50mAh battery that offers up to 3 hours of playback time on a single charge. The earphones offer various controls such as touch controls, voice assistant access, and play/pause control. They also come with a 300mAh carry case that can provide up to 9 hours of backup power. The boAt Airdopes 131 is a great purchase for those looking for stylish and reliable wireless earphones.

Overview of Airdopes 121v2

The Airdopes 121v2 are a pair of true wireless earbuds from boAt that offer great sound quality and features in an affordable package. These earbuds feature a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, and come with 6mm dynamic drivers that offer powerful audio output. They are equipped with an IPX5 rating for resistance to water and sweat, making them perfect for outdoor use. The earbuds offer a total of 8 hours of playback on a single charge, and with the included case, the total battery life can be extended up to 20 hours. The earbuds come with a voice assistant, allowing users to easily control their music and access their favorite features. Additionally, the earbuds come with a Type-C port for fast charging, and the case also features a wireless charging pad, allowing users to charge the earbuds without the need for a cable. In conclusion, the Airdopes 121v2 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds at an affordable price.

Sound Quality Comparison

The boAt airdopes 131 and 121v2 offer very different sound experiences. The airdopes 131 has 8mm dynamic drivers and provides a bass-heavy sound. This makes it ideal for EDM, hip-hop, and similar genres of music. On the other hand, the airdopes 121v2 has 6mm drivers and provides a balanced sound. This makes it suitable for listening to all genres of music, but the bass is not as prominent as that of the airdopes 131.

In terms of sound quality, the airdopes 131 provides better sound clarity and separation compared to the airdopes 121v2. It also has better treble response and provides deeper bass with more reverberation. On the other hand, the airdopes 121v2 has a warm and mellow sound with no harshness in the highs or mids. It also has a decently strong bass and provides a smoother listening experience overall.

So in conclusion, the boAt airdopes 131 offers a bass-heavy sound with great sound clarity and separation, making it great for EDM and hip-hop. The airdopes 121v2 offers a balanced sound and a smooth listening experience across all genres, with decent bass response.

Comparing Comfort and Fit between boAt airdopes 131 and airdopes 121v2

Both the boAt airdopes 131 and 121v2 wireless earbuds offer exceptional fit and comfort. The airdopes 131 feature an in-ear design that helps to keep them securely in place. The ear hooks provide additional stability, making them perfect for physical activities like running. This in-ear design also helps to block out environmental noise, allowing for a better listening experience.

The airdopes 121v2 have a unique earbud design that fits comfortably in the ear without the need for ear hooks. The lightweight design of the earbuds allows them to sit gently in your ears, making them perfect for long listening sessions. Despite the lack of ear hooks, the earbuds offer a secure fit and provide good noise isolation.

In terms of comfort, both earbuds are great options. The in-ear design of the airdopes 131 offers more stability and is ideal for physical activities. The airdopes 121v2 have a lightweight design that provides a comfortable fit for long listening sessions.

Overall, both the airdopes 131 and the airdopes 121v2 offer great comfort and fit. The airdopes 131 offer an in-ear design with ear hooks for additional stability, while the airdopes 121v2 have a lightweight design that fits comfortably in the ear without the need for ear hooks.

Connectivity Options

The boAt airdopes 131 and airdopes 121v2 are both wireless earbuds that offer a superb audio experience. The former comes with a more advanced Bluetooth version (v5.0) with a range of up to 10m, allowing you to have a better connection to your device compared to the airdopes 121v2 (v4.2) which has a range of up to 7m. Both devices have a Quick Switch facility which allows them to switch seamlessly between two devices at the same time. The airdopes 131 also comes with an IPX7 rating which makes it sweat and water-resistant to handle intense workouts. The airdopes 121v2, on the other hand, has an IPX5 rating which makes it splash resistant but not designed for a heavy workout. In terms of battery life, the airdopes 131 has an impressive 5-hour playback time while the airdopes 121v2 has a slightly shorter 4-hour playback time.

Battery & Charging

When comparing the battery and charging features of boAt airdopes 131 and airdopes 121v2, the following differences are found:

The boAt airdopes 131 offers a slightly better battery life with a five-hour playback time on a single charge. This increases to a total of 20 hours with the included 500 mAh charging case. The airdopes 121v2 offers four hours of listening time with a single charge and 16 hours of total battery life with the 400 mAh charging case.

The boAt airdopes 131 features a 10-minute charge option which is not offered in the airdopes 121v2. This 10-minute charge can provide an hour’s worth of battery life which can be helpful in situations where you need quick and immediate playback.

Both models come with Type-C charging and offer quick charging so you can easily charge up your device in a jiffy.

Overall, the boAt airdopes 131 offers slightly better battery life and the 10-minute charge option, giving it an edge over the airdopes 121v2.


When comparing the durability of boAt airdopes 131 and airdopes 121v2, both models offer good protection against wear and tear. The airdopes 131 have a sturdy matte finish that is highly resistant to scratches and offers a good grip. The airdopes 121v2 are IPX5 water and sweat resistant, making them ideal for active use. Both models are also built with tough plastic, so they should handle everyday use without any issue. However, the airdopes 131 are slightly more durable overall due to their sturdier design and matte finish.

Price Comparison – boAt airdopes 131 vs airdopes 121v2

Both boAt airdopes 131 and airdopes 121v2 are true wireless earbuds made by the company boAt and they have similar features but vary in price. The airdopes 131 cost Rs.1499 while the airdopes 121v2 cost Rs.2199. Both the earbuds come with IPX7 certification meaning they can survive immersion up to 1 meter for half an hour. They have features like Bluetooth 5.0, instant auto-connect, physical controls, built-in microphone, stereo calling, LED indicators, and 1-year warranty.

The key difference between the two models is the sound quality. The airdopes 131 have an 8mm driver with a frequency response range of 20Hz-20KHz, along with a playtime of 3.5 hours and a charging case capacity of 1000mAh. The airdopes 121v2 has a dynamic driver with a frequency response range of 20Hz-20KHz, offering a playtime of 4.5 hours and a charging case capacity of 750mAh.

When considering price, the airdopes 131 are a significantly more affordable option than the airdopes 121v2. The airdopes 131 provide good value for money for those looking for an affordable yet quality pair of earbuds, while the airdopes 121v2 offer better sound quality and longer playtime for those who are willing to splurge.

Discussing User Reviews and Feedback of boAt airdopes 131 vs airdopes 121v2

User reviews and feedback are a great way to learn about the pros and cons of a product.When comparing boAt airdopes 131 and airdopes 121v2, users have mentioned some common characteristics in their reviews. Many users found the sound quality of both earbuds to be excellent, with superior bass and treble levels. Both products have a reliable Bluetooth connection and long battery life.

On the downside, some users mentioned that the airdopes 121v2 has a slightly shorter battery life than the airdopes 131. A few users also voiced concern over the fit and build quality of the earbuds, especially the airdopes 121v2. Many also found the touch controls to be a bit tricky to use.

Overall, users have responded positively to both earbuds, particularly for their sound quality and battery life. However, there are still a few areas that require refinement in terms of fit, build quality and ease of use.

My Ratings – boAt airdopes 131 vs airdopes 121v2

Parameter boAt Airdopes 131 Airdopes 121v2
Design 9/10 8/10
Sound Quality 9/10 9/10
Battery Life 8/10 7/10
Connectivity 9/10 8/10
Price 8/10 7/10

In conclusion, both the boAt Airdopes 131 and the Airdopes 121v2 are great earbud options. Each of them offers excellent sound quality, long battery life, and good noise cancellation. The Airdopes 131 provide a slightly better sound quality and overall experience with their aptX codec support and IPX6 rating. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Airdopes 121v2 is a great choice. Ultimately, the decision of which boAt Airdopes to purchase comes down to your personal needs and preferences.

















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