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  1. W3cValidate.vim

    W3cValidate.vim is a plugin that enables buffer/url validation using the W3 Validator API.


    Copy w3cvalidate.vim file inside plugin directory, source it or restart Vim. Use

    :W3cValidate to validate the current buffer

    :W3cValidate "[url_here]" to validate a hosted page

    :W3cValidateDT "[doctype]" to validate the buffer using the ...

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    Command line utility script for generating custom 960gs grids (css). It can generate grids will custom width, column number and gutter width. Outputs to file or stdout.



    Optional Arguments

    -h, --help show help message and exit
    -w WIDTH, --width WIDTH
     Content width in px. Defaults to ...
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  3. PyFaceDetect

    PyFaceDetect is a thin wrapper around OpenCV for detection and marking faces in images.

    The module can be used as an API or in console for testing purposes. For usage and options:

    python -h

    Sample input

    Sample output

    The module consists of 2 classes:

    OcvDetector that wraps OpenCV ...

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  4. JqCarousel Three-D

    This plugin was coded to prove a point. We saw another similar plugin like this, but it was only for sale with obfuscated code, so I decided to write it and opensource it. It doesn't have the limited functionality and the custom implementation of the paid ones, it is ...

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  5. Announcing Django-audit-log

    For those unfamiliar with the term, a definition from Wikipedia:

    Audit trail or audit log is a chronological sequence of audit records, each of which contains evidence directly pertaining to and resulting from the execution of a business process or system function.

    How does this come into play in a ...

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